Together we are supporting the children's village in Sri Lanka

The LITTLE SMILE Initiative

In the mountains of Sri Lanka, television journalist Michael Kreitmeir launched the LITTLE SMILE project in 1999 for neglected and traumatized children and war orphans. It provides the children with a loving home and gives them a career perspective through help for self-help. Several projects have already been implemented thanks to donations: among other things, a pepper and rose plantation, a sewing school, a joinery and an Ayurveda training company.

The children's village was not directly affected by the flood disaster in December 2004. However, the two LITTLE SMILE outposts on the east coast were completely destroyed. The team took 400 children from the disaster area and actively participated in the reconstruction of the coastal region. LITTLE SMILE therefore urgently needs further donations.

  • All donations, without deduction of administrative costs, benefit the work on site 100 per cent.
  • The team has been active on the ground for more than 6 years and guarantees the transparent use of all funds.
  • The objective is effective long-term assistance that provides protection, a home and education for children in need.

LITTLE SMILE needs long-term financial support to help the children in Sri Lanka to permanently help themselves.

We buy pepper from the LITTLE SMILE spice plantation at far higher prices than standard market conditions demand. In this way, we support the long-term continuation of the projects of the active initiator Michael Kreitmeir. We now know Mr. Kreitmeir personally following a long cooperation. We have already been able to gain a detailed insight into his conscientious handling of donations, commitment and his convincing assertiveness on site.

More information about the LITTLE SMILE children's village can be found on and via Bavarian Radio, which supports LITTLE SMILE with its “Sternstunden” project. For more information, see

We would also be very happy to receive your support. We and the children sincerely thank you for your social endeavour!